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Top 10 enemies of your libido

Like some exotic plant, we need to take care of our libido carefully, watering it, chopping unnecessary leaves, beating it and making sure that it doesn’t dry up overnight and lose the will to live. If you want to react in time, study the biggest enemies in the quest for our sexual desire.

Top 10 Enemies Of Your Libido 1
Top 10 Enemies Of Your Libido 1
  1. Stress
    There it is – the number one enemy of your libido. No matter how you look at it, stress accumulates at work, in traffic on the way home, while watching increasingly catastrophic news, hearing about problems, thinking about credit, making ends meet. And yes, in such a mood, sex is more of a distraction or purely a form of mental escapism than a pleasant activity into which we enter in a good mood, optimistic, happy and cheerful.

– solution – adopt a few mantras with enthusiasm as if you were learning the multiplication table – ignore the things you cannot change, “in one ear, out the other”, focus on positive things and feed on good energy. Encourage such thinking in your small team and try to spend your free moments in the fresh air and in good company, and it is also recommended to have some relaxing hobby.

  1. Bad food
    Junk food, surviving all day on salt and a bag of chips or, on the other hand, a sandwich of half white bread for breakfast and half lamb with a bag of potatoes for lunch must somehow affect your metabolism and, consequently, your libido. And you guessed it, it will reflect very, very badly.
  • the solution – admit that you are no longer 25 years old and that some food sacrifices are a bet for a better future. Also consider the importance of physical activity, especially since exercise as such can have an extremely positive effect on libido.
  1. It’s all because of bad wine
    Alcohol has somehow always accompanied new sexual escapades and breaking the ice for the shy. And while smaller amounts will help to untangle the language and relieve nervousness, calm you down and increase the desire for intimacy, larger amounts will significantly relax and probably make sex impossible altogether, which will be just one of a series of potential problems.
  • the solution – a few glasses on special occasions is perfectly fine. Anything more than that, or anything that turns into a habit, cut it in the bud.
  1. Sexual and life monotony
    Monotony is the ultimate thing that is better to prevent than to cure – when we realize that our relationship (or life, in the end) has become monotony, it is actually already too late and it is difficult to get out without civilian casualties.
  • solution – prevent such a development in time – be spontaneous, introduce variety and do not take each other for granted. Embrace new experiences, be active and take the initiative. Sexually, try to try new things to keep the fire burning. No ideas? We have 45 of them.
  1. Complexes
    The little green monsters that live inside us are very dangerous things…they appear, are insidiously silent and feed on our energy when they begin to swell, grow and gain strength. And, all of a sudden, from a completely imperceptible tummy or a couple of (pronounced and asymmetric) stretch marks we see the whole forest, we become more and more repulsive to ourselves every day and this is very much reflected in the relationship.
  • solution – do not feed negative thoughts in general and do not give them any importance. As for the body, if there is a dissatisfaction that you can solve, do it, but all the unchanging aspects of our body are healthier to accept and eventually come to love.
  1. Poor communication
    Slashing at each other, scolding and similar escapades will slowly but surely erode your relationship and some things are simply not permissible for partners who love, appreciate and respect each other.
  • the solution – don’t let each other be an exhaust valve and don’t let the relationship suffer due to external factors. In an ideal scenario, a partner relationship is a safe refuge from the outside world and at the same time fuel to cope with all the other problems and adversities of everyday life.
  1. Disappearance of attraction
    We can hardly keep a whole horde of butterflies in our stomach for half of our lives, but we can help – by not being critical of our partner, by not trying to change or adapt him/her, and by often allowing him/her to feel loved and wanted.
  • solution – no matter how many years have passed, remain tactile, caress and compliment your partner. Let them know that you still find them attractive and that you still want them.
  1. Electronics and technology
    It’s hard for all of us to part with the little flat glowing things, but we should – at least if we don’t want to permanently damage the relationship and turn into two fixed ficuses, each on their side of the couch glued to the screens…

– solution – take breaks. Disconnect from the virtual world as much as possible, stay in nature or take a walk, talk and joke more often.

  1. Neglect
    Together with a handful of beautiful things, coexistence can lead to a pleasant routine – everyday life in which everything is familiar, ours, with constant dynamics in the relationship. However, if we surrender completely and focus only on external factors, taking the two of us for granted, we irrevocably undermine what should be the strongest foundation.
  • the solution – take care and pamper yourself. Communicate throughout the day (texting, whatever) more carefully and not only about what to buy or do, arrange a date and spend time without complaining about the ugly side of life.
  1. Porn videos
    As much as we love and appreciate them, porn can be a very slippery slope for libido. When taken in moderation (like most of the items on this list), especially in pairs, they’re a great addition for variety, casual fun, and valuable stimulation on a dark and gloomy day. However, when they exceed the recreational norm and become a serious hindrance to daily functioning, they seriously impair libido because they distance us from our partner and reduce the desire for joint sexual activities.
  • solution – dose the porn with care, and it is preferable to consume them in pairs as an exciting spice.

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