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Animal roleplay – everything you need to know

Animal roleplay is a form of dominant-submissive role play in which the submissive person takes on the role of an animal, most often a pet or domestic animal such as a dog (puppy play), cat (kitten play), horse (pony play) or cow (HuCow). In this case, the dominant partner assumes the role of the owner who takes care of him, trains him, feeds him, drinks him, caresses him, grooms him, but also punishes him and gives him tasks that he must complete.

Animal Roleplay Everything You Need To Know 1
Animal Roleplay Everything You Need To Know 1

It is very important to emphasize that animal roleplay is not tied to zoophilia (sexual attraction to animals).

How and why
Devotees of these fetishes are generally divided into two groups, considering the goal they want to achieve. For some, it is a form of more extreme BDSM dominant-submissive play in which the submissive is (consensually) forced into an animal and subordinate position with the aim of achieving excitement and stimulation through subordination and/or pain, while more radical devotees of this fetish deeply identify with their roles.

In both cases, it’s about roleplay that requires extreme discipline, a special training regime and completely surrendering control over your body and actions to another person. For this reason, there should be exceptional trust and faith between the partners that the dominant partner will do everything in the interest and for the benefit of the submissive, who is passive, listens to orders and acts according to instructions, and does not play an active role himself.

These fetishes are not necessarily directly related to sex, and roleplay often does not lead to sexual intercourse, but is a way of fulfilling the fantasy of complete submission to another person, giving up control, and is related to an emotional relationship with a partner.

Adherents of animal fetishes emphasize the distinct psychological effect that such role play has on the individual, regardless of its potentially sexual component. The point is not to play an animal, but to “become” an animal, to indulge in the role to such an extent that human traits, behaviors, thoughts and worries are temporarily forgotten. Submissive partners often point out that they decided on such a way of playing precisely because it serves as a release valve from everyday stress – they forget about all their worries and problems and completely surrender to very simple routines and being in the moment.

Roleplay can be extremely intense and players, especially submissive ones, can be in role all day and incorporate parts of roleplay into their daily routine or it can be occasional foreplay or a relaxing routine after a hard day at work.

The dominant person is the trainer or owner. These roles do not necessarily need to be united in one person, but the “coach” can be a professional dominatrix or dominator who will teach the submissive the necessary knowledge and skills and guide the “owner” in different ways of tying, commands, setting up and using different equipment and generally guide the couple to the correct and safe way to enjoy this demanding roleplay. With most animal fetishes, there are a number of additional subcategories depending on what kind of character the submitter wants to play. Roughly, they can be divided by “purpose” for: work, play, editing and performing tricks, sex, and the training is adjusted according to the player’s preferences.

The dominatrix assumes the role of caretaker for the submissive partner. He makes sure that the submissive partner does not lack anything and takes care of him as he would take care of a real pet or domestic animal. She gives him food and water, plays with him, cuddles and looks after him, but also disciplines him if necessary. As people behave differently towards different pets, such different behavior is also implied during roleplay. You cannot expect the same from a dog as from a horse, completely different rules apply to cats, etc.

As with other dominant-submissive games, before the start of the game, the partners should precisely determine the limits to which both sides are willing to go. Since the ultimate goal is complete submission and obedience, absolute trust in the partner, open communication and understanding of boundaries are necessary so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Some of the equipment they use is taken from BDSM, such as collars and bondage ropes, and in some cases whips are also used. Masks and costumes, which are not necessarily used by all devotees of this fetish, are certainly a specialty. It all depends on personal preferences, but most often they are made of leather, latex or PVC that fit closely to the body, and elements such as fur, ears, mane, tail, muzzle are often added to the costumes. They often have additional metal elements (rings, chains, etc.) that have an aesthetic and functional role because they can be used to attach other BDSM equipment. Head masks can completely or only partially cover the face and be extremely realistic or stylized, but it is important that they have an accentuated shape of the muzzle and pronounced ears.

If four-legged animals are played, the costumes often have additional knee and elbow protectors sewn in to make the game comfortable even if it is a long session. Special gloves and shoes that imitate paws, hooves or hooves are also often used.

For some, wearing costumes and masks helps them identify with the animal in question, and they note that the very act of dressing up is almost a meditative experience that helps them relax.

Anal toys are often used, primarily butt plugs that are shaped like a tail and thus, in addition to stimulation, also complete the costume.

Kitten play

Kitten play, compared to other animal roleplay, is often milder in terms of the elements of BDSM that are incorporated. The dominant-submissive relationship is still the basis, but the training and requirements for the submissive are, as a rule, less than with some other forms. The emphasis is on tenderness, caressing, massaging, playfulness, relaxation, rest. Of course, there is an agreed system of obligations, rewards and punishments that the dominatrix and the submissive partner must adhere to.

Ears and tail are a necessary part of the equipment, and the necklace signifies attachment to one dominant partner and is not a mandatory part of the costume.

Puppy play

This animal roleplay refers to a role play in which the submissive partner takes on the role of a dog. The most important part of the equipment in that case is, of course, the collar and leash. There is a whole range of ways to practice that roleplay, but it is, as a rule, less intense than, for example, pony play, and there is not so much emphasis on the bondage elements themselves. Many toys are used that are used by real four-legged pets, such as balls.

Also, this form of animal roleplay is suitable for groups because, according to the logic of the game, it can imply greater interaction between several different dominos/tores and submissives, as the owners of real dogs and their pets would normally hang out.

Domina/tor can take care of several submitters, and in that case, a kind of hierarchical structure can be agreed between them, modeled on a pack (alpha, beta, etc.).

Pony play

Pony play means roleplay in which the submissive partner takes on the role of the horse, while the dominant partner takes on the role of the owner who takes care of him, trains him, grooms him and gives him tasks to complete. If the submissive partner is a woman, it is called a ponygirl, and if it is a man, then it is called a ponyboy.

In historical sources, depictions of such a fetish can be found on Assyrian reliefs from the second millennium BC. Since then, it has appeared in written and artistic representations until today in different civilizations – from ancient Greece to the British colonies in the 19th century.

It stands out from other animal roleplays with its emphasis on a firm approach to discipline and control of behavior and movement, and training is an extremely important part of the game. There are a large number of training regimes with regard to the “purpose” of the horse with which the submissive partner identifies, so that he can act as a horse for draft, riding, dressage, or the emphasis of the game will be on grooming, decorating and grooming.

Training is done by learning the correct posture, position, understanding of vocal and physical commands (“Stop!”, “Go!”, tightening the reins, cracking or whipping, etc.). The dominant partner (“owner”) rewards or punishes the submissive (“horse”) according to the situation, i.e. whether the commands were executed successfully or unsuccessfully.

Bondage ropes are used for tying (most often hands behind the back to prevent their use). Riding and other whips are used for training and behavior correction.

During roleplay, the submissive partner usually does not use his hands, but special gloves, slippers or shoes that imitate the shape of hooves can be worn, as well as on the feet.

In order for the impression and experience to be complete, specially made and adapted horse and riding equipment is also used, because real horse equipment (bits, bridles, stirrups, saddles, etc.) is not physically compatible with human anatomy. Fans of this fetish usually make such equipment themselves or purchase it from specialized manufacturers, and some even make special carts so that the submissive can pull them.


One of the extreme forms of animal play is a role play in which the submissive person pretends to be a cow. It is very BDSM oriented with a very strong emphasis on the complete degradation of the submissive partner. It is closely related to the lactation fetish and the focus is primarily on the breasts, and the submissive person is always female. Very large breasts and nipples and breast pumps play a big role.

Furry fetish is not animal roleplay
Although there are different opinions, furry fetish is usually not considered animal roleplay because the motivation of the participants, the psychological effect and the way the game is played are different. In the shortest terms – with furry fetishes there is no emphasis on dominant-submissive relationship, animal characters (which can be inspired by real or mythical animals) are alter egos of people and emphasize their best qualities or virtues they strive for, and the characters are anthropomorphic. With animal roleplay, it’s the exact opposite, the goal is to reduce your behavior and thinking to an animal level, minimize humanity, and behave as much as possible like a pet or a domestic animal.

As with most more obscure fetishes, the popularity of animal play has increased with the spread of the Internet and the creation of online communities that can now share experiences and recommendations on a global scale. Animal roleplay is also increasingly visible thanks to its increasing presence at various gatherings, parades and conventions where community members from different parts of the world come together.

True lovers of animal roleplay point out that surrendering to roles, especially for a submissive person, is a very liberating and relaxing experience. They emphasize that the appeal of this roleplay lies in completely leaving their decisions and worries in the hands of another person, which allows them to concentrate on being in that moment and acting instinctively without additional thinking and planning. For this reason, its devotees recommend it as a form of escape from everyday stress, but also for deepening the emotional bond and trust between partners.

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