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9 ideja kako rasplamsati strasti sexy rubljem

Sexy underwear – so simple, yet so powerful and exciting – the ideal accessory to spice up a relationship. We offer you as many as nine ideas on how you can achieve maximum effect with it!

Beautiful And Sexy Brunette Young Woman Wearing Black Lingerie I
Beautiful And Sexy Brunette Young Woman Wearing Black Lingerie I

Let’s show ourselves in the best light
You met recently, clicked pleasantly, drank coffee and whoop, you’re going on a date! As a rule, men in these circumstances undergo extremely difficult and complex cosmetic procedures (“oh nothing, I’ll shave. Oh yes, dezic”), while women’s six-hour beautification regime can only be enhanced with a carefully selected piece of sexy underwear.

Classic – anniversaries
Make your day special! Ideally, it’s an escape for some kind of romantic weekend where you relax, cuddle, walk, pamper yourself and sip, but if those things are out of your reach for whatever reason, make this day special with one small but crucial detail. Panties, negligees or babydolls with which you will surprise and stir passions are certainly a recipe for an evening to remember.

Shock in broad daylight
You have a mobile phone and you are not afraid to use it! Put on some sexy piece depending on the preferences of the recipient – stockings, lace bra, panties or halter. In the middle of the day, take a nice walk to the toilet or some other more intimate area and snap a photo of the piece of clothing you are wearing. Nothing simple or too obvious, we recommend that you capture only the detail that hints at the bigger picture – for example, bra lace next to a nipple that is not in focus, crossed legs with lace on the thigh, and the like. Decent, yet very hot and effective, let them know that you’re thinking of them and that you’ve put on a special piece to brighten up a gloomy Tuesday.

A hot walk or dinner in a restaurant
A variation on the theme of the previous paragraph. The action plan is the same – wear something special and take a photo, but unlike sending a photo, deliver this one in person, and do so in a targeted way at a key moment. For example, you are at a restaurant for dinner and the dinner is coming to an end; suggest a nice brain teaser – let him try to guess what you’re wearing underneath. After several attempts, take out your mobile phone and show the photo. You can play a similar scenario while walking, riding in an elevator, while sitting in a parked car. The common denominator is that you can get home quickly (or you have enough privacy to play a little outside the house or apartment).

I’m waiting for you at home
Choose a random, seemingly ordinary day when you are the first one home (and the children and parents are on a long walk, for example) and make a welcome at the front door, wearing only panties and a bra, catsuit or babydoll.

A performance to remember
You are alone at home, enjoying a relaxing bath. You get out of the bath, put on just some sexy cloth and head to the bedroom. You lie down on the bed, play a little (with your fingers or a toy) and when the situation gets heated, you invite him into the room to join you.

Who’s afraid of catsuits anymore
Even the most ordinary, missionary, short, predictable sex becomes something completely different with one powerful thing – a catsuit! Enjoy the mesh material (and the effect it has under your fingers) and the fact that most catsuits have a larger genital opening, thanks to which penetration is possible without taking it off.

Surprise her with a thoughtful gift
Women love sexy underwear because it highlights their femininity, boosts their self-confidence and stimulates an erotic mood. Keep this in mind when you decide to surprise her with a gift – include some nice accessories with the candy bar that you would love to see her in, after all. If you are in doubt about the right size, we recommend that you take a look in the closet and check which sizes prevail.

Throw the bug in the ear
Open with this idea: “today I want you to look at other women” and send him links of different sexy lingerie that he would like to see you in. Beforehand, of course, check what you yourself would like to wear and what you would be comfortable in. Let him choose from the list and then wait for the shipment together with enthusiasm.

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