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The day is known by the morning – a word or two about morning sex

Would you rather start your day by throwing your cell phone into the farthest corner of the room, a dreamy head-on collision with the refrigerator while making coffee and a free fall while putting on socks, or the gentle warmth of a bed that will boost circulation, wake you up, and put a smile on your face?

The Day Is Known By The Morning A Word Or Two About Morning Sex 1
The Day Is Known By The Morning A Word Or Two About Morning Sex 1

Sex makes everything more fun and pleasant, and in the morning it will do more wonders than the biggest and finest cup of your favorite coffee. You will start the day in the right way – with a smile on your face, feeling close to your loved one and ready to tackle all the challenges that the rest of the day can throw at your feet.

Below are some tips for a successful and cheerful start to the day.

Take advantage of your morning erection
When it’s already there, it’s a shame to throw it away. Woke up in the morning, energetic, ready and eager for the rest of the day or grumpy and grumpy, if the erection is already there, everything can only get better. If your partner is still sleeping, start waking her up with caresses, kisses and other affections, and when you are both ready, get to work. If the owner of the erection is still asleep, start gently teasing him with your hand, giving him oral sex or riding him.

In addition, impulsive morning sex and a well-used morning erection are especially welcome if there is erectile dysfunction caused by the psyche and a lack of self-confidence, because the morning erection is primarily spontaneous and physiologically conditioned. This type of morning entertainment is a great way to break the vicious circle of nervousness that breeds failure and vice versa, you start to gain confidence and turn over a new leaf.

Be impulsive
Morning sex is somehow best if it’s impulsive, so don’t bother with details and planning. However, it is recommended that you have lube on hand so that you can get through the foreplay fast and furious.

Furthermore, if you’ve been together for a long time, some illusions can be shattered – brushing your teeth, perfect makeup and a morning shower before the act are welcome, but optional. First of all, morning sex is a speed discipline, and you’ll have to wash up after it anyway.

Of course, for all of us pragmatists, morning sex can also be in the shower.

Wake me up gently
Like a good cup of black liquid in the morning, a bucket of ice water for the neck, a conductor in a tram or exercise – sex is also arousing, but it also has a number of health benefits. Movement and excitement that will sharply increase the dose of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin in your body and at the peak release a large amount of pleasant oxytocin that will cheer you up are a great way to start the day successfully.

Increased concentrations of beneficial and calming hormones will persist throughout the day and help you cope with everyday stress.

A great option for couples who don’t have time
If you are in a situation where you don’t have a minute of time or peace during the day, and in the evening you are too exhausted because of children, business or other obligations, the morning is the ideal time to dedicate yourself to intimacy. Sacrifice 10, 15 minutes of sleep and set the alarm earlier than usual – your relationship will thank you. Morning is the time when (as a rule) life hasn’t killed us yet, children are still dreaming sweetly in their beds, business problems are far away and everything can wait, and peace and quiet are ideal to join them in a symphony of rhythmic squealing of springs.

The day is known by the morning; and morning sex, or in general intimacy with a partner, is an ideal way to prepare for all the upcoming daily challenges. As our little personal wellness, morning sex is a great way to wake up, stretch and emotionally and psychologically reset before new victories in life.

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