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Spanking – a quick guide

Spanking is a very popular additional stimulation during sex and foreplay. Butt-slapping causes milder physical pain, causing the body to release dopamine and endorphins, both of which are hormones associated with feelings of pleasure. Since there is an extremely thick layer of subcutaneous fatty tissue on the buttocks that protects the large muscles of the hips and legs (gluteus), blows can be extremely strong and painful without causing injury.

Spanking A Quick Guide 1
Spanking A Quick Guide 1

It’s a great additional tool in your arsenal of pleasure, it doesn’t require any special preparation or tools, and the effect is instant. As it is extremely common, spanking itself is not very kinky, although actually, since it is a form of physical punishment, it would fall under BDSM. You can playfully slap the bum to turn it on, but also punish a naughty partner, especially in roleplay scenarios.

Spanking does not have to be a couple. You can also try to slap yourself on the ass during masturbation, but the body automatically follows and predicts your movements, so the feeling will be much milder (like you can’t even tickle yourself). The effect of spanking is largely psychological – the anticipation of a blow, and then an unexpected, unpredictable and sudden stimulation over which you have no control.

As with all other sexual activities that you want to introduce into your repertoire, it is first of all important to check whether you are on the same wavelength with your partner. Talk, ask, set boundaries and a safe word so you can end the game quickly.

The classic pose to win a tour is over the knees, but you’re an adult, so it can be quite awkward. Any position where your butt is within palm reach is good, whether you’re hugging and kissing, lying on your stomach, leaning over a table or in doggy. In any case, your butt will tense up more if you pout, so clapping will be more effective.

With what?
The palm is a classic, but you can also use anything else you can get your hands on, of course within reasonable limits. It is important that the object is not sharp so as not to cause injury or slippery so that it does not fly out of your hand.

Everyday objects like cooking utensils and belts will cause quite a bit of pain with a stronger swing, so be sure to check on your own body how much intensity is required for the desired effect.

Of the bondage items, various types of paddlers and whips are the most suitable for this purpose.

Master Series – Wooden paddle

The paddle is wide, thinner and flat, and the blow with it, compared to a flogger or a whip, is milder because the force is distributed over a larger surface of the skin, but that does not mean that it is painless.

They are made in such a way that a softer material such as textile or artificial leather is covered over a solid core of wood or plastic to make it more comfortable to use. As soon as it is padded, the impact is softer and gentler.

Most often, a satisfying clap is heard upon contact with the skin, and with a stronger impact it also leaves redness. Some paddles are specially designed to leave a red mark on the skin (most often in the shape of a heart, an inscription or some other symbol) thanks to the perforation. Redness of the skin is superficial and passes quickly.

They can be flexible or rigid, and this affects their effect. The flexible paddle is thinner and stings more when hitting. Hard paddles hurt more because all the force of the swing is transferred to the body.


There are many types of whips and each one creates a different effect and requires a different way of handling it to be effective.


Bondage Couture – Flogger
Floggers are made of lots of wide fringes that fall freely from the handle. They are very versatile and are great for gentle teasing and teasing, but also for punishing a disobedient villain. The longer the tassels, the greater the force you will apply when swinging. In contact with the skin, the force of the impact will be dispersed over a larger area. In some cases, the fringes are intertwined, which makes them thicker, stiffer and less flexible, and the blow is consequently more painful.

Riding whips
Fetish Collection – Crop Whip

Riding whips or crops are, as the name suggests, whips that were primarily designed for use while riding. The handle is long and thin, and at the top is an extension made of softer and more flexible material (genuine or artificial leather). Most often, they are partially flexible and when swinging, a great force is created and they can burn very much in contact with the skin. With a stronger swing, a specific whistle is heard.

Braided whips
Ouch – Bullwhip

Braided whips have one long tail, usually woven from several strips of real or artificial leather. The wider end, where the handle is, gradually narrows to the tip of the whip.

Although they are a common part of the BDSM assortment due to the imposing visual impression that dominoes and dominators can achieve with them, they are not practical for actual hitting on the body. It takes a lot of dexterity and a lot of practice to use it correctly and a lot of space to swing it correctly. As a blow with the tip can cause serious injuries, this method of stimulation is not recommended, but the classic whip is primarily a prop for achieving a general impression and intimidation, rather than actually inflicting pain.

Second level
Spanking can be taken to the next level by using sex toys. Butt plugs, prostate massagers and other insertion toys will provide more intense stimulation during spanking because the muscles of the butt will automatically tighten and twitch during impact. Even smaller butt plugs will provide additional stimulation, but the more experienced will appreciate toys with a larger diameter, which at the same time provide a feeling of fullness or greater weight, which will force the muscles to contract in order to hold the plug, which intensifies the impact effect.

A little slapping on the ass in the heat of passion, of course if it gives pleasure to the partner, can be extremely stimulating for both. This audio-visual experience, combined with the touch of one of the most erogenous zones on the human body and a slight feeling of dominance, additionally turns on the one who bangs, and gives the one who is banged an additional stimulus and strengthens the pleasure. Bad or not, try it and see if you like it – the worst that can happen is a red mark and a short-term pain that will pass very quickly, and maybe that’s what will push you over the edge and give you ecstasy.

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