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5 ideal poses for anal sex

Want to try anal sex? In addition to adequate lubrication, patience and good communication with your partner, it is extremely important to choose the right pose that will allow your body to relax as much as possible.

5 ideal poses for anal sex

Before the poses themselves, a shalabakhter for complete beginners:

  • in order to be able to relax completely and to remove the fear of unpleasant surprises, do an enema beforehand
  • the most important thing is to relax – in foreplay, include stimulation of the anus with a finger (nails must be short and without sharp parts) or tongue, and relax the muscles before penetration with a smaller butt plug
  • lubricant is absolutely necessary because the anus, unlike the vagina, has no natural lubrication
  1. Reverse cowgirl
    One of the favorite positions for anal sex – the recipient kneels on top of the penetrating partner with her back turned and the partner’s legs are together. This pose allows the recipient to dictate the pace and depth of stimulation, and their hands are free for additional stimulation.
    As you become more experienced, this position is ideal for deeper penetration as well as for speeding up the movement – instead of kneeling, it is better to crouch and then there will be less load on the knees, and the movements will be faster and with a greater range.
  2. Laterally
    The popular “spooning” in which you both lie down, and the recipient’s back is turned to the penetrating partner, is an ideal pose because in it you are both physically relaxed as much as possible. The recipient should pull the knees to the chest, which reflexively opens the external sphincter. At the same time, this pose enables unimpeded access to other erogenous zones and is ideal for implementing sex toys such as clitoris stimulators.
  3. In the lap
    The partner who penetrates sits cross-legged (“Turkish”) and his torso is slightly pushed back, while the recipient is on top of him. The recipient controls the pace and speed, which is great for anal sex, while the active partner is also a support and has access to other erogenous zones. If you have a high headboard, it will also be a great support.
  4. Doggy
    Very popular for anal sex, but not the best according to experts. In doggy, the recipient has the least control over pace and depth, so doggy can often be painful and uncomfortable, and penetration too deep or at the wrong angle, so it’s crucial that the partner doesn’t rush and listens to your cues.

On the other hand, doggy is great for experiencing orgasm in women, due to the indirect stimulation of the G-spot.

  1. Improved doggy
    Classic doggy, but with added pillows or a piece of furniture for sex under the belly. Thus, part of the weight is transferred to the pillows, instead of the elbows and knees, and it is easier to relax, which is essential for a pleasant anal experience. As with classic doggy, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed, depth and angle of penetration, i.e. give up control as much as possible to avoid discomfort or pain.

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