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Couple’s sex life Sex Positions for Clitoral Stimulation

Anecdotal evidence and research agree: the clitoris is an important body part for half the population to experience sexual gratification. Unfortunately, penetrative sex doesn’t do a whole lot for many people with a clitoris, often because of the distance between the clit and vaginal opening, which can leave some people sexually frustrated. However, the sex positions below can solve your woe, increase your pleasure, and make for a fun time as you explore your sexuality and stimulate your clitoris!

Couple's Sex Life Sex Positions For Clitoral Stimulation1

Couple’s Sex Life Sex Positions For Clitoral Stimulation

This classic sex position can be good for clitoral stimulation if either you or your partner reaches down to manually pleasure your clit. That is, to rub it! Smaller vibrators such as dildo or couple vibrator that fit between your bodies also work in Missionary. Couple’s vibrators like the Vibrator, where you insert one arm vaginally during intercourse, include an external portion for clit stim, too!

Coital Alignment Technique
This sex position was designed specifically to help female partners get more sexual pleasure and have more orgasms during intercourse. The coital alignment technique, or CAT, is a take on the Missionary position. While you’re on the bottom, your partner positions their body further up, creating more friction between your two bodies. CAT doesn’t work well for all body types and penis sizes, however.

Thigh Tide
This sex position is a variation on Reverse Cowgirl. While you ride your partner in reverse, they’ll lift their leg and bend it at the knee so that their foot is flat on the bed. With their tight lifted between your legs, you can grind against it to your heart’s desire!

This position might not look all that different from Missionary with your legs wrapped around your partner’s waist. However, the crucial difference is that you want to lift your butt and hips as much as possible to bring your clit closer to the area above the base of your partner’s penis, AKA the mons pubis. Wrapping your legs around your partner closer to their ribs can help you master this position.

While Doggy Style is usually recommended for G-spot stimulation, that doesn’t mean you can’t get great clt stim when in this position. If your partner’s arms are long enough, they can reach out from behind to rub your clitoris. You could also try a position pillow, some of which have a hole to place your favorite vibrator while you grind against them.

Not only do you get to control the angle, depth, and speed of penetration in this sex position, but you can reach down between your legs to rub yourself. Any partner would love to see this sight! Alternatively, your partner could rub your clitoris or place their hand, palm down, with two fingers on either side of the base of their penis. Then, you can grind against their knuckles.

This sex position places your body perpendicular to your partner’s, which puts their hand in range of your clitoris. Start by lying on your side. Then, your partner will straddle your lower leg while kneeling and lifting your upper leg over their hip. Your leg can either cross over to the other side or stay on the same side, whichever is most comfortable.

For some people, the clitoris is readily accessible in this sex position, and either you or your partner can rub your clitoris or stimulate it with a vibrator. However, you and your partner can twist your hips so that your bottom halves are flatter against the bed to make your clitoris more accessible. Consider draping your top leg over your partner’s thighs, which will spread your legs and make your clit accessible.

Table Top
Start by sitting at the edge of the bed and leaning back with your feet still on the floor (it’s okay if they don’t reach!). Your partner will stand at the edge of the bed between your legs, holding one up with each hand (or you can wrap them around their waist). Because you’re lying back, your clitoris is in prime position for stimulating with whatever toy or hand you prefer. Plus, your partner can lift your hips and butt if it feels good.

Prone Bone
Reddit’s favorite sex position involves you lying face down on the bed while your partner thrusts into you from the rear. You can easily contract your pelvic floor muscles to increase your partner’s pleasure, but that’s not where the fun ends! Although Prone Bone isn’t designed for clitoral stimulation, you can get it if you place a vibrator between your body and the mattress and grind against it.

If you’re struggling with clit stim during partnered sex, consider spreading your pussy lips (labia). You can keep spread them spread with your fingers or spread them once before grinding against your partner’s body or a sex toy, which can help keep your lips spread.

With that, you’ve got plenty of inspiration. Even if you’ve tried some of these positions, you may not have tried to stimulate your clitoris. Chances are, you haven’t tried all of them, however, which means you can have fun trying something new the sex time you have sex!

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