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How to maintain sexual passion in a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships are always very difficult. Fortunately, with the help of today’s wonders of modern technology, the gap of physical distance can be greatly reduced and ease the consequences of separation on the emotional as well as the sexual level.

How To Maintain Sexual Passion In A Long Distance Relationship 1
How To Maintain Sexual Passion In A Long Distance Relationship 1

We should be thankful that we live in a time where practically everything is at our fingertips. Not only can you talk to anyone on the phone at any point on the globe, but thanks to video calls, you can also see each other in real time. Sex toys also keep up with the progress of technology, and innovations are created every day to bring separated lovers closer together and ease their pain.

Below we bring you some good ideas for igniting your passion regardless of the distance that separates you.

Send lascivious messages and photos and let your partner know that you’re thinking about them and that if they were with you, you’d hit on them right away. Sexy messages are a great way to maintain sexual tension during a long or short separation. It will give the partner material for fantasy and masturbation, and it can also be an excellent way of foreplay. If you are going to see each other soon, start warming up before you fall into each other’s arms.

You’ve calculated the time difference, you’re both in the privacy of your nest or home away from home, and everything’s ready for a marathon report on the day and how much you miss each other. It’s also a great opportunity to practice dirty talk and throw in some simultaneous masturbation. Tell each other your hidden desires, what you would do to each other at this moment, what you fantasize about all day – relax and untie your tongue.

Remember that you don’t have to spend expensive impulses via roaming, but use one of a number of programs and applications that allow you to communicate practically for free, so you don’t have to be afraid of big bills, no matter how long your session lasts.

Video calls
The best and most intimate way in these circumstances is to see and hear each other. You can strip, show off the sexy piece of clothing you’ve been saving for that special first time you’ll be together again, or just strip right away and watch as you explore and play with your bodies. Throw in a classic toy like a dildo, vibrator or stroker and good fun is guaranteed.

Sex toys
Today, there are many sex toys that a partner can control over the Internet, regardless of the distance. You can be in Zabok and your partner in Zanzibar and still send each other positive vibes, literally. The applications allow the remote partner to control the device via the screen – turn the vibrations on and off, control their intensity and change the stimulation modes. With some models, it is also possible to control the sound – their speech or music will be transformed by the vibrator into appropriate vibrations. It is only necessary that you both have a smartphone or tablet, an Internet connection and the appropriate application installed.

Long distance relationships are difficult, but not impossible. Long business trips and departures of the partner on their own are more and more common, and it is necessary to find ways to cope with separation and loneliness. Fortunately, thanks to computers, smartphones and the availability of modern sex toys, that difficult period can be overcome much more easily.

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